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How much is shipping?

FREE shipping on orders $60 up to $200 Australia only. Note orders in Australia over $200 incur heavy shipping $20. All other countries calculated on weight.

Where can I buy jelly shoes in my area?

We only sell online on our Australian website.

Where do you ship to?

We ship anywhere in the world.  For international shipping, if your country is not listed please email info@wendyhollyshoes.com.au and ask for your country to be listed. 

What are jelly shoes?

Jelly shoes seem to tick all the boxes…injection moulded PVC (plastic).  Wendy & Holly Australia jelly shoes are the most comfortable jelly shoes on the market.  Our jelly shoes are fashionable, feminine and very affordable.  Wear our jelly shoes anywhere and everywhere.  Whether it be for work or play you will be comfortable all day.

Are jelly shoes comfortable?

Wendy & Holly Australia jelly shoes are very comfortable.  We take alot of care in production to make sure that our designs are soft, comfortable and non slip. Our jelly shoes will soften even more with foot heat, but do they do not stretch out of shape.

Are the jelly shoes hot to wear and do your feet sweat?

It depends on style and your climate conditions. Jelly shoes are no hotter than any other synthetic shoe. If you find your feet sweat, a small amount of foot or talcum powder will alleviate the problem.

How do I look after my jelly shoes?

Wendy & Holly shoes are very easy care, they can be wiped with a damp cloth and dried with a soft cloth. Remembering lace designs are delicate and need to be treated with care.  Incorrect fitting can cause damage to the lace from over stretching.

Is Wendy & Holly Shoes & Accessories a secure shopping site?

Yes, Wendy & Holly Shoes & Accessories is a secure shopping site. The website uses an electronic security system which is designed to protect your contact and payment details that you enter on the site. When ordering online, please feel comfortable that both your contact and payment details will be secure over the internet.

Can I change my online order after it has been placed?

Once you have finalised your order it begins to process and you cannot make any changes online. However, if you have made an accidental error about the size or style, please promptly email info@wendyhollyshoes.com.au and we will try to rectify the mistake.

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