Viva la jelly revolution!

Jun 01, 2013
Over the last few decades, the jelly shoe has undergone a significant makeover and fallen into the hands of the fashion conscious. The jelly shoe resurgence has certainly got dedicated followers of fashion excited!

The new look ‘twenty tens’ jellies are a far cry from the plastic fantastic, cheap, seaside shoe from the 80’s. Wendy & Holly Shoes are no exception to this. Their stylish, ‘new look’ jellies are the talk of the fashion town.

But where did the jelly revolution begin?

It is believed to have started by a French shoemaker shortly after World War II due to a shortage of leather in Europe.

In 1946, this French shoemaker made the iconic fisherman jelly sandals. The French called these shoes Méduse, which means jellyfish. Sixty-five years on, these shoes are still being made in France.

Over the years, the fashion world has seen the rise and fall of the jelly shoe revolution with various countries reinterpreting the classic jelly shoe. With more designers entering the world of jelly shoes and perfecting the injection moulding process, there’s something for everyone.

With Wendy & Holly Shoes, you can kiss goodbye to the one jelly shoe style and say bonjour to the endless range of sophisticated jellies which come in all shapes, sizes and styles –wedges, ballet flats, boots, thongs, sandals, courts and more.

Wendy & Holly Shoes are a fun, fashionable, comfortable and very affordable shoe that is suitable for anywhere, everywhere and all year round.

Once you join the Wendy & Holly Shoes jelly revolution, you’ll never look back!

(L-R) Isobel sparkle ($69.95), Jackie black ($89.95), Bridget tan (69.95), Bridget beige ($69.95). Sandra Faye Photography