Top five summer sizzlers that will make your legs turn to jelly

Sep 04, 2013

With warmer weather just round the corner, it’s time to start getting your feet summer ready. Wendy & Holly Australia’s hot new trends will have you feeling sexy from the ground up this sunny season.

With Wendy & Holly Australia shoes, you can kiss goodbye to the one jelly shoe style and say bonjour to the endless range of sophisticated jellies which come in all shapes, sizes and styles.

New Spring/Summer range

  1. AMELIA RRP $49.95
  2. BRIDGET RRP $69.95
  3. BOHEMIA $59.95 & AMY $49.95
  4. ISOBEL $69.95
  5. JODIE $89.95

    It’s never been easier to make a fashion statement in the office, at the mall or even out for dinner. Wendy & Holly Australia shoes are a fun, fashionable, comfortable and very affordable shoe that are also recyclable. They are suitable for anywhere, everywhere and all year round.

    Once you join the jelly revolution, you’ll never look back!

    Vive la jelly revolution!