A woman’s feet must be the most unloved parts of our bodies.

To get those ‘I-have-to-have-shoes’ fitting well, we go through all sorts of pain to ‘break in’ our shoes.

We endure blisters on our heels from unforgiving material and stubborn structures that insist on punishing our devastated feet. We tip toe around in our gorgeous looking heels, ignoring the loud cries of agony from the balls of our feet at every tortured step.

Many ‘comfort’ shoes look like what our dear grandmas would wear. While the ‘perfect’ shoes sneak quietly past your better judgement because of sheer good looks… but you just can’t wait to take them off after a busy day or a special night out.

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Wendy & Holly Shoes create super comfy, stylishly funky shoes for the woman and girl who want a shoe that will love their feet – every day and night of the week, at work and at play.

The woman that wears Wendy & Holly Shoes takes pride in what she wears, has a get-on-with-it attitude, and is genuine, caring, quirky and fun. She has a unique sense of style, and enjoys expressing herself through her outfits: classic, retro, vintage, rockabilly, glammed up or glammed down.

The woman that wears Wendy & Holly Shoes loves knowing that her feet are taken care of in comfort inner soles and stable wedge heels made to last many years. Her feet can breathe and are tenderly nurtured for by soft materials that mould to her feet.

And the woman that wears Wendy & Holly Shoes absolutely adores wearing a shoe that’s been inspired in beautiful, and almost-always sunny and bright Queensland in Australia.


The Wendy & Holly Shoes story

In February 2010 bookkeeper Wendy MacManus embarked on a much-needed holiday overseas to unwind and de-stress from the long hours, and boring, unfulfilling desk job as a bookkeeper.

Little did she know the trip would fire up an intense determination to begin a new chapter in her life: pursuing her life long passion for womens shoes. At the ripe young age of 54!

‘I started to feel very stifled by my job. Accounts, was all I had known. I realised I was ‘dying’ in my role. I had no enthusiasm to go to work. So I made a radical decision, and quit.’

And so the original Wendy black jelly wedge was born. It’s been a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, and near fallouts a few times.

But determination, resilience, and Wendy’s keen eye and ear for what women really want in a shoe, has seen the journey continue more than 11 years later.

From small beginnings

Viva la jelly revolution!

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