Reviews: Shoes and tote in mumsdelivery.com.au

We love feedback, especially great feedback of course! So we’re very happy to read a couple of glowing stories from mums and toddlers that have loved a few of our products.

Review: Alicia wedge & Studded jelly tote

‘I opened the box to see the most BEAUTIFUL pairs of shoes I owned and I was ecstatic to try them on! They fitted perfectly. I got up, walked around and they we’re great… I highly recommend these shoes to any mum, or mum to be, in fact any lady! They are super comfy. My little sister also LOVED the shoes, she’s 2 going on 22 and would scream if I tried to take them off her, I guess she’s got good taste! The bag looks good and for mums it is easy to wipe clean inside and out. The jelly nature of the bag makes it likely to last the distance with children, making the bag both fashionable and practical.’

Review: Wendy toddler shoes (green)

‘It’s been a battle getting my daughter to wear shoes, she started walking at 11 months old and before we knew it she was running and wanted to explore. We tried putting sneakers on her after an incident with dog poop at the park, yet she would kick and shake her feet, refusing to walk in shoes.

As parents, we knew this was coming; she wouldn’t even wear socks as an infant. We have tried saddles; we tried lace ups, slip-ons and even slippers… Nothing! Then there was the Lil Wendy toddler shoe range by Wendy & Holly.

No word of a lie. She grabbed the shoe, handed it to me and then held out her foot as if to say “Put it on please!” She stood in the backyard with these sweet green jelly shoes on each foot, bending over just staring at them from above. We haven’t looked back since!’

Photo: Little Miss Wendy toddler shoes, Kellee H

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